Following is a list of articles, each explaining an aspect of horsepower. Ideally, the topics should be read in the order shown, as the earlier topics explain concepts used in the later articles. 

  • Explanation and History of Horsepower - Description of where the term comes from and what it means.
  • Types of Horsepower - Three main types of horsepower (mechanical, electrical, metric). The sub-types of horsepower (brake, net, crankshaft, shaft, effective, true, and wheel). 
  • BHP Horsepower - Explanation of Brake Horse Power, plus the other possible meanings of BHP
  • Horsepower to KW conversion - Calculator to convert horsepower to KW. Unlike other calculators, it considers all 3 main types of horsepower, rather than just one type.
  • KW to Horsepower conversion - Similar to above calculator, except it calculates in the opposite direction, for all 3 main types of horsepower.
  • CC to Horsepower - Relationship of engine volume (cc or cubic inch) and horsepower. Factors that affect this ratio.
  • How to Increase Horsepower - Various actions, some of which are simple and cheap, to increase your car or engine's power.