User Guide for Horse Advertisements

Following is the user guide for people advertising horses with us. If you would like to advertise a horse with us (free for rescue associations, breeders and other organizations) but do not have an advertising username and password, simply contact us.

To add, change or delete advertisements, simply login to your account and choose the option of interest. If you have problems, please read the following carefully. If you still have any problems or questions, just contact us and we will answer your questions and fix any issues.

Adding a Horse Advertisement

To add an advertisement:

  • Login
  • Click on Add Listing
  • Fill in the form.
    • Title. The title should be a few words saying why your horse is special (e.g. "2-times National Champion" or "Gentle Horse, Great with Children" or "Lovely Foal, Ready for Training").
    • Breed, Country, Region. Select the breed of your horse. Select the country and region where the horse is currently located (e.g. where potential buyers could see the horse and actual buyers would need to transport the horse from). If your horse's breed is not in the list, just send us an EMAIL and we will correct this within one working day. Likewise, if your country or region is not on the list. The breed, country and region fields are mandatory fields.
    • For the other fields, you can fill in as many or as few as you like, depending on the individual horse. For example, if it has a great pedigree you may wish to complete the pedigree field but if it has only an average pedigree you may not want to bother.
    • Contact Details. We recommend that you leave this field blank (see discussion of EMAIL below, under "Change Your Account Details").
    • You don't need to provide the breeder's name or owner's name. This is only provided in case you want to give this information.
  • Click on the Submit button. Do not forget to click on this, or your input will not be saved.
  • Once you have clicked on the Submit button, your advertisement is automatically and immediately placed, so both you and visitors can see it online.
  • You will then be taken to a page where you can add photos:
    • Photos should not be too large (e.g. 20k is ideal but one should try to be under 100k). The reason for this is that many people have slow Internet connections so it takes them a long time to download large photos. Likewise, the larger the photo, the longer it will take you to upload.
    • Quality is more important than quantity; it is better to have a few good photos than lots of poor ones.
    • In many cases, it is the photos which sell the horse. This is especially true of horses which don't have outstanding pedigrees or competition records. Your photos should show your horse at its best: clean, well groomed, standing correctly and in sunlight. A photo of a filthy horse standing in a muddy field, with feet pointing in different directions, on a dark day, will immediately tell buyers to look elsewhere.
    • If you have trouble uploading photos, try to reduce the photo size and upload them one at a time. Sometimes, photos uploaded from Apple computers can have problems due to file format issues, so uploading a PC photo is preferable.

If you make a mistake, don't worry. You can change any horse advertisement at any time. 

If you have problems, just contact us and we will resolve any issues.

Change an Advertisement

To change or delete one of your advertisements:

  • Login
  • Click on Edit My Listings. A summary list of all your advertisements will appear. In the top-left corner of each listed advertisement there are two images (a green pencil and a red cross). Click on the green pencil to change an advertisement or on the red cross to delete it.
  • If changing an advertisement, after you have clicked on the green pencil image, just make your changes. Don't forget to click on Update, or your changes will be lost. If you want to add, delete or change images, just click on Edit Images.

Change Your Account Details

You can change your account details at any time. Simply login to your account and click on Edit My Account. The details you can change include:

  • First Name and Last Name. These names appear at the top of each advertisement. You can use your personal name or put in your business name, whichever you prefer. If you don't want this information to be visible online, leave these fields blank or put in a general title (e.g. "Horse Breeder").
  • Password. You can change your password here. We recommend that your password is not obvious (e.g. should not be the same as your username).
  • Email. Each of your advertisements will automatically have a contact form at the bottom of the advertisement. If someone uses this form, their query will be sent direct to the EMAIL address that you specify here. However, unless you reply, your EMAIL address with be hidden; this is to protect your privacy and to protect your EMAIL address from being used for SPAM. We recommend that all advertisers read Advertising Safety, a guide to avoiding the common Internet advertising issues.

In addition to the individual horse advertisements, each advertiser gets a separate advertisement where they can provide information about themselves or their business. Each of your horse advertisements will have a link to this advertisement page. In addition to having your name (see First Name and Last Name above), this page will also have the following information (which you can provide using the Edit My Account option):

  • Contact Details. Any contact information which you want to provide on your advertisement page. We recommend that you leave this field blank (see above discussion on Email).
  • Name and Website. You can put your website name and address here. This will help visitors find your website and also improves your search engine position (links from highly recognized websites such as ours can help improve the website position of any websites we link to).
  • Description. Here you can provide any information you wish (e.g. about yourself, your business or your horses).
  • Remember to click on the Update button, or any changes will be lost. 
  • You can also upload photos by clicking on Edit Images. Remember that images should not be too large (see earlier discussion on photos).