Horse Wormers

This is an independent guide to worming horses, covering the following topics (click on the blue links below):

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Worming – Considers the risks and benefits of medicating horses with wormers.
  • Alternatives to Worming - How to control and prevent horse worms, without using horse wormer medication. Alternatively, how to reduce the frequency with which you need to worm. 
  • Cheap Horse Wormers – Where to find brand name wormers for less. How to negotiate a better price from your veterinarian.
  • How to Worm – Some horses will spit out their wormer or refuse to allow you to administer it. Here are some tips to effectively worm, ensuring that the full dosage is consumed.
  • Horse Worms – The different types of worms that can infect your horse and the associated health risks.
  • Medication Types - The four different types of medication, which are used in the hundreds of different types of wormers.
  • Worming Schedule – When you should worm and how often. 

We are also adding articles on each of the specific parasites, with our first being:

  • Bot Flies - Life Cycle, Treatment and Prevention
  • Tapeworms - Known to infect over half of the USA and UK horses, need to be considered as part of any worming programme.

In addition to the above general articles, we will be providing reviews of some of the more popular brands, such as:

  • Equimax horse wormer
  • Equest horse wormer