Following is the list of services available from WOW Horses. All of the following services are  free:

  • Horse Forum. To see or join our discussion board, click on Horse Forum.
  • Horse Artist Directory. If you are looking for an artist, you can see our list by clicking here.
  • RSS News Feed. You can automatically receive our lastest news updates. If you have a website, you can add the news feed to the website for the interest of your visitors. For details click here.
  • Free Advertising. For horse related services and products, we offer free advertising. For services of particular interest (e.g. horse art) we will provide a full page advertisement and a listing in our international searchable database. To get your free listing, click here.
  • Horse Care. To see our guides on the main aspects of keeping and buying horses, click on Horse Care.

In addition to the above services, we are adding new articles each week and inviting new additions to our service directory. As new services are added, they will be added to this page.