Top Horse Movies, associated Books and Soundtracks

Following is a summary of the best and most popular horse movies. For more information on each film (including book and soundtrack), click on the 'Details' link in the table below.

This movie list is ordered with the best and most popular (as rated on various film review websites) at the top of the following list, to those less popular and not quite so good at the bottom.

Movie Rating Short Description Detailed Description
The Man From Snowy River 5 Horses and fantastic riding scenes, drama, coming of age and romance. The Man From Snowy River
Return to Snowy River 4 Sequel to The Man From Snowy River (see above) Return to Snowy River
Dreamer 5 Classic family film and modern-day 'National Velvet' with more depth Dreamer
Touching Wild Horses 5 Film about family and wild horses, set in beautiful and remote location Touching Wild Horses
Black Beauty 4.5 Classic horse movie told by the horse itself Black Beauty
National Velvet 4.5 Classic family film, which made Elizabeth Taylor a star (see International Velvet below) National Velvet
International Velvet 4.5 Popular sequel to National Velvet (see above) International Velvet
Phar Lap 4.5 The story of Phar Lap, the most famous Australian racing horse. Phar Lap
Secretariat  4.5 Based on true story of greatest horse in horse rating  Secretairat
The Black Stallion 4.5 Oscar-nominated movie about the friendship between a boy and his racehorse (see sequels below). The Black Stallion
The Black Stallion Returns 4 Adventure sequel to The Black Stallion, in which the horse is kidnapped by Arabs (see prequel above). The Black Stallion Returns
Sea Biscuit 4 Based on amazing true-life story of the horse Seabiscuit and the people who restored the horse and through it themselves. Sea Biscuit
The Horse Whisperer  Oscar nominated romantic drama The Horse Whisperer
Horse Crazy  4 Good clean family film Horse Crazy
Hidalgu 4 Adventure film about 3000-mile desert race, with Indiana Jones-style hero Hidalgu
Running Free Life of a horse in Africa, narrated by the horse himself  Running Free
Princess Stallion 4 Girl moves from California to Scotland, where she comes between a wild stallion and poachers. Pricess Stallion
Flicka 3.5 Difficult 16-year-old girl takes on difficult horse, developing maturity in the process Flicka
Thunderhead, Son of Flicka Sequel to Flicka, based on Flicka's colt  Thunderhead: Son of Flicka
Green Grass of Wyoming 4 Last in Flicka Trilogy (first movie is Flicka, second is Thunderhead: Son of Flicka) Green Grass of Wyoming
Flicka 2 3 Dispite the name, not a sequel to Flicka. Flicka 2
All the Pretty Horses 3.5  As much a sophisticated Western as a horse movie All the Pretty Horses
Young Black Stallion 3.5 A wild colt befriends a young girl in the Arabian desert, eventually becoming her equine soul mate and champion racehorse.  Young Black Stallion

In addition to individual films, there are a number of popular boxed sets, which are typically much cheaper than buying the movies individually. These include:

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