Horse Cost Calculator - Self Stabling

 The follow calculator is to determine the monthly and yearly costs of keeping a horse. Simply replace the sample values in green below by the appropriate amounts for your region, then click on the 'update' button below. For further information on each of the items below, click on Horse Costs. In addition to the financial costs, if you are stabling your horse yourself, you should allow a mimimum of a half-hour per day for the normal stable chores (e.g. changing bedding, feeding horse). Training, exercise and other activities are of course time in addition to this.



Item Frequency Cost Monthly Yearly
Bedding Daily
Food Daily
Salt& Minerals Every 2 months
Water& Electricity Daily
Insurance Monthly
Farrier Every 2 months
Worming Every 3 months
Veterinarian- Vacinations Annual
Veternairy- Contingency Annual
Dentist Annual
Saddle,tack, rugs Annual


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