There are a number of ways to get inexpensive horse wormers, without sacrificing on quality or brand:

  • Internet. Do a search on 'horse wormers' or 'cheap horse wormers' to get a list of websites selling direct at reduced costs. In general, these websites are selling the exact same brands and same quality as one gets from more expensive sources (e.g. veterinarians). They simply have lower costs and lower margins, so are able to provide the same medication for a reduced cost.
  • Veterinarian. If you are purchasing from a veterinarian, remember that their markup on this medication is usually very high. Consequently, if you are a regular customer, you can try negotiating a discount. 
  • Bulk Buy. If you are buying in bulk (especially from a veterinarian), you may be able to negotiate a better rate. If your local veterinarian won't give you a discount for a bulk purchase, try phoning another who may be more reasonable. Unless you have a lot of horses, it can be difficult to buy in quantity as the medication has a limited shelf life (typically one or two years). However, if your horse is boarded at a professional stable with many horses, you could get together with the other horse owners to arrange a bulk purchase. 
  • Import. The price of the exact same product (same brand, same medication) can vary greatly from one country to another. In Europe, one normally pays at least double or triple what one would pay for the exact same wormer in the USA. If you travel to the USA, you can save substantially by buying horse wormer there and bringing it back (don't buy more than you can consume by the 'best before' date). Alternatively, if you have friends in the USA, you could suggest this as a welcome birthday/Christmas present. Just be careful not to exceed your custom allowances and not to import any brands which have not been approved for use in your local country (if you can get the same brand from a local veterinarian, then you are OK on the latter consideration).

When comparing prices, check what is included or excluded. Specifically, check if the price includes tax and delivery (packing and post).

When buying worming medication, one needs to keep in mind that each type of medication (depending on the active ingredients) will treat only certain types of worms. Consequently, one needs to alternate different types of worming medication in order to treat all worm types. Some medication types are more expensive than others, so one cannot always use the cheapest wormer as this will result in some of the worm types not being treated. Consequently, one needs to put together a worming programme which specifies the different medication types one needs over the year and then find the cheapest source of these medication types. For details, see Worming Programme and Worm Types, which are two of the articles in our series Guide to Horse Worms, Worming and Wormers.